No one should ever use Adobe Flash

Flash is basically a content delivery platform and one which is supported on a large majority of computers. You all know what kind of content it is about: typically video, some games, advertisements and various minor page decorations or enhancements. Thankfully, this list no longer includes flash-only web sites, a justifiably failed experiment in graphical user interfaces.

To get straight to the point, the key problem with Flash is that it is a content delivery platform under the control of a single third party – Adobe – with effectively no way to get around it. Consider the situation: a significant part of the world digital content is currently created, distributed and reproduced using Flash technology and the only people in the world with a say in how this will work are anonymous board members of a corporation in the USA. Given the choice, who would ever hand over so much power to a board of directors on another continent? Who would want to maintain such a situation?

It is not only a matter of control: there is the issue of quality. Continue reading “No one should ever use Adobe Flash”