No kind words for Microsoft Word

Microsoft WordWell clearly, it is not free software, runs on only one operating system (and not a very good one, at that) and its maker has a long history of sabotaging every aspect of interoperability. However, I have been forced to use it by rules beyond my control and the impression I got is not very flattering. These are some of my observations, in roughly chronological (i.e. useless) order:

  • it scales pasted images from other applications so that it can’t be scaled to the original size and ratio
  • inconsistencies between pop-up and main menus, e.g. no “insert row” in a table context menu, but it is present in the main menu
  • it hangs several times a day
  • it promotes sloppy style management: “you do what you like with the text and I’ll see what I can make of it”-approach
    • regularly mixes “Body Text” and “Normal” styles making documents look bad and requiring subsequent clean-up
  • the dynamic main menu: searching for less used features takes more than its share of time, menu items can no longer be expected to be where they “usually” are
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