Izlazak iz krize na hrvatski način: zgrada Muzičke akademije

Nova zgrada Muzičke akademije u Zagrebu
Nova zgrada Muzičke akademije u Zagrebu

Predsjednik Josipović je “ponosan i sretan jer hrvatska glazba danas ulazi u novu epohu“, gradonačelnik Bandić ističe kako je danas “povijesni dan koji su sanjali mnogi prije nas, a mi smo imali sreću da taj san pretvorimo u javu“, rektor Bjeliš želi da taj prostor bude “prostor novog stvaralaštva“…i tako su se dalje redali hvalospjevi novoostvarenom uspjehu.

210 milijuna kuna, 12000 kvadratnih metara. Izađe nešto manje od 2500 eura po kvadratnom metru proizvodnog troška. 12000 kvadrata. Da bi ljepše ili bolje školovali glazbenike?! U to ulaganje ide Grad Zagreb koji je pred jedva godinu-dvije drhtao pred bankrotom, u kojem se u dotrajalom vodovodu gubi 50% vode, umjesto 20% kakav je prosjek EU. U to ulaganje ide Hrvatska koja još nikad nije imala trgovački suficit prema inozemstvu, koja još nije zabilježila suficit državnog proračuna i kojoj je konkurentnost praktički u slobodnom padu barem od 2007.  do danas.

Tko je dobio taj projekt na stol, pogledao brojke i rekao “brilijantna ideja!”? Zašto ne padaju glave za ovakvo rasipanje?


To the Future Croatian Prime Minister – Part 2

Information and Communication TechnologiesDear Sir/Madam,

as announced in part 1, in this letter I would like to draw your attention to a few country-level, ICT-related issues I have stumbled across over the years. Once more, this is just a sampling of all ICT issues: I am afraid we have amassed many during decades of all but ignoring computing technology. The elections are just around the corner so I better get started…

Allow me to start with education as I cannot overstate its importance in my eyes or my concern with how it appears to be developing. The state has the last (only?) word on which text books can be used in schools (and rightfully so). However, it refuses to let the education system into the 21st century: this is roughly what happens… Continue reading “To the Future Croatian Prime Minister – Part 2”

To the Future Croatian Prime Minister – Part 1

Dear Sir/Madam,

to begin with, it is my sincere hope that you have no problems reading this little wish-list in English as I can’t imagine how you could otherwise keep track of world events, learn from other countries’ experiences and apply the knowledge at home. Normally, I would not make a point of it, but it seems that this requirement is not easily met by all our candidates. Having said that, as a Croatian citizen (and in the sequel, as an IT professional), I would like to draw your attention to some issues we have been having: the list is by no means exhaustive, but could be nutritious food for thought.

It might be frowned upon to digress from the political topics de jour, but it seems to me that while we have a fighting force deployed outside of our borders (on a non-UN mandate, I should add), that is the first thing to address. The immediate withdrawal of our armed forces from what used to be the sovereign country of Afghanistan followed by a sincere apology to the Afghan people would be a sign of a government which considers ethics more than a motive to flash at media to sway a few votes its way. As an aside, we would save over 30 million Euro every year, easily covering the damage done by 25 corruption cases like the one our former minister of defence Rončević was found guilty in.

While we are on the subject of the military, Continue reading “To the Future Croatian Prime Minister – Part 1”