The Groovy Way to Spin the Web

Grails LogoIt’s nice to start a new year off on the right foot, and what better way to do it than by learning and trying out something new? Grails has been on my mind for years and now it seems that the time is ripe to give it a try. It is one in a fairly long list of web frameworks. Like most its competitors, it too touts unique features which make its developers believe it will be the Next Big Thing. While IT history has made it perfectly clear that a magic wand will not be produced any time soon, I thought it worth the effort to get to know and leave an article or two on the subject along the way.

So, why Grails? To begin with, developers who work within the confines of a single paradigm and have never learned about anything else tend to be quite provincial in their way of thinking: every paradigm and tool imposes many constraints on how developers implement a system and how it works, but they don’t realize it because they haven’t seen anything that works differently. It is like asking a veteran CVS user if they like it: sometimes they say that it’s OK (with CVS, it doesn’t get any more positive than that), but they only say it because Continue reading “The Groovy Way to Spin the Web”


Why it is hard not to love Mercurial

Source ControlSoftware is complex. You wouldn’t believe how complex it is. You might think a skyscraper is a complex system, but if buildings got built like software, you would frequently run into fractal cathedrals filled with basketball halls, space ports and zero gravity hair styling salons, reaching into higher orbit and standing upside down on one of their many towers.

Because software is complex, people tend to reduce focus to what they think is most important and polish it as well as they can. However, every once in a while, one stumbles over something which can only be called a diamond because from whichever point of view you look at it, it always looks perfect. One such system is Mercurial, an SCM system.

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