No kind words for Microsoft Word

Microsoft WordWell clearly, it is not free software, runs on only one operating system (and not a very good one, at that) and its maker has a long history of sabotaging every aspect of interoperability. However, I have been forced to use it by rules beyond my control and the impression I got is not very flattering. These are some of my observations, in roughly chronological (i.e. useless) order:

  • it scales pasted images from other applications so that it can’t be scaled to the original size and ratio
  • inconsistencies between pop-up and main menus, e.g. no “insert row” in a table context menu, but it is present in the main menu
  • it hangs several times a day
  • it promotes sloppy style management: “you do what you like with the text and I’ll see what I can make of it”-approach
    • regularly mixes “Body Text” and “Normal” styles making documents look bad and requiring subsequent clean-up
  • the dynamic main menu: searching for less used features takes more than its share of time, menu items can no longer be expected to be where they “usually” are
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What’s wrong with Diigo?

Since Simpy collapsed (unfortunately), Diigo was one of my first serious replacement candidates, after briefly pondering the idea of building a new simpy myself. Diigo appears to be a usable bookmarking service and a lot of code has obviously been written to support all kinds of scenarios. I’m sure lots of users are happy with it.

Having said that, it has just annoyed me for the last time:

  • bulk operations are ridiculous: no way to e.g. select all bookmarks to delete them (after a partial import from a file)
  • having deleted all of my links (manually), all the tags remain – tags should, of course, silently disappear when/if they are no longer used – not with Diigo
  • no in-place re-tagging: tags should be a simple, comma-separated list of characters, seamlessly editable with find-as-you-type
  • it is impossible to permanently hide the Diigo bar
  • generally slow, lots of AJAX (can’t shake the feeling the development team is getting carried away)

So, Diigo goes down the drain. The in-place re-tagging and bulk operations were things I was quite surprised to see absent in a bookmarking service (in version 5.0, I should point out).