Umbrello pros and cons

Umbrello activity diagram

UML modelling is one of the more under-served aspects or areas of software development within the FOSS ecosystem, so I find myself pushed to frequently re-evaluate less than ideal offerings.

Umbrello is one of the tools I have revisited a few times and, to cut a long story short, it is one of the tools I will not use again until or unless it significantly evolves. To be fair, I appreciate a number of its properties:

  • in certain respects it is quite fast: during start up, initial work on a diagram, saving of diagrams, editing of individual objects…
  • it builds a fairly extensive and sensible underlying concept dictionary
  • it allows me to document the model on every level
  • it is fairly simple to get around
  • it supports a fair number of UML diagram types

However, there is no shortage of issues:
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