Raising the GDP by teaching touch typing

A standard keyboardAs a child in primary school, I learned about the history of music. As a teenager in high school, I learned a whole lot of information about the countries of the world, the amount of rice and copper they produce etc. As a freshman at my university, I learned electronics and electrical engineering, some of the least useful things I learned in my entire life. The tests weren’t easy to pass, either.

Before I started primary school, I also spent time learning to read and write and spent the first few years in school perfecting these skills. On the other hand, typing, the fundamental skill of using a fundamental interface to the digital world (the keyboard), gets absolutely no attention within formal, mandatory education. People are left to hunt and peck their way through e-mails, scientific articles, customer support forms, discussion boards etc. This is the equivalent of letting children “figure this handwriting stuff out for themselves” while they are diligently taught to appreciate Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

I propose that teaching kids to type by the age of 10 is more important than teaching them a number of other things currently taught, but most importantly, I propose that it is worth teaching and learning as soon as children start to learn writing. Allow me to explain.
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