The Rotten Apple

It is not often that a company oscillates between global success and utter failure the way Apple Inc. did: if for no other reason, than because it was recently the richest company in the world and that position was not shared by many companies. While originally a producer of desktop and laptop computers, the Apple fortune has been built on top of the iPod, iPad and iPhone. This article is both about the company and its products: the company’s principles are what matter because they determine its impact on society, but it is mostly the products that reveal the company’s principles.

In a way it makes sense to mention how products are built before discussing how they work. A lot of work on Apple’s products is being done in various factories in China, most prominently, Foxconn‘s. The problem begins with 60-hour work weeks for $100 per month, half of which workers have to pay Foxconn back because they pay for accommodation and food at the factory. The problem is aggravated by child labour and finally culminates with Continue reading “The Rotten Apple”