Split PRIDE!

Split PrideFrom what I could tell, the second most talked-about topic last week was Split Pride 2012. A lot has been written about it as well, with Dežulović and Ivančić taking the lead, but I feel an important story has gone unnoticed.

Homosexuals don’t have it easy, not by any measure. They represent a very small minority of the population, no more than a few percent, so they are destined to depend on the benevolence of the heterosexual majority and the heterosexual majority is less than accommodating. In western societies gay people are effectively a taboo, which is in itself an unusually cruel punishment, one which other people rarely ponder going about their daily routines. Even though gay people – about 150 000 of them, in Croatia – have done nothing wrong, they face social pressure so strong that Continue reading “Split PRIDE!”