More cyclists than you can comfortably ignore…

More cyclists than you can comfortably ignoreThis afternoon a meeting took place in front of the Mimara museum in Zagreb. Everyone riding bicycles – or anything which could be called one, with a moderate stretch of the imagination – was invited. The idea was to show a glimpse of the total cyclist population in Zagreb, i.e. the size of the population which would be happy to see Zagreb turn into a cyclist-friendly city.
As it stands, Zagreb has around 180 km of cycling lanes. Allow me to put this into some kind of sensible perspective:

  • about 50% larger than the Arena shopping centre
  • less than one third of one percent of city surfaces dedicated to motorised traffic
  • less than one tenth of one percent of the total city area (roughly 20×10 km)

When we get the city to invest 0.5% of the city’s surface into cycling, I am quite certain that it will be possible to measure and register a clear improvement in air quality as well as a heart disease and obesity reduction. If it were easy to measure exact happiness levels, it would certainly be on the list as well.


3 thoughts on “More cyclists than you can comfortably ignore…

  1. I find your calculations of the road space distribution interesting. Can you e-mail me with some sources or references? Thanks. Nice post btw.

  2. I’ve added a link to the 180km figure I mention in the post itself: I estimated the average bike lane is roughly 0.8m wide. As for the other figures, the usual figures for motorized traffic surfaces are 30-50% of the city surface in the developed world, depending on the country and city:

    I estimated the city surface to roughly 200 km^2: Wikipedia mentions 171 km^2, but the difference is not significant and I would argue that the problem extends out of the formal city limits to smaller towns gravitating to Zagreb as well, extending the area easily to 200 km^2. The surface of the Arena shopping mall you can estimate for yourself from a satellite image.

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